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Painting of Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dreams

Family Conflicts and the Restoration of the Cosmos, Part II: Kingship and Servanthood within the Elected Family

The Hebraic morals of kingship emerge in the struggle between Joseph and his brothers. This confounding story inverts the typical relationship between ruler and ruled.

Part of the Family Conflicts and the Restoration of the Cosmos series

Child soldier

Living Well and Wisely with God and His People While Coping with Trauma

What do the Scriptures, especially the Hebrew Bible, have to say about the nature of traumatic events, and the lives of survivors coping with trauma? What does living well and wisely—positive coping—look like in the wake of horrific suffering?

Israelites leaving Babylonian exile

Biblical Culture-Making: How Sacred Order Shapes Social Order

Humans construct a social order that reflects or corresponds to some kind of sacred order. The Sinai covenant and the book of Judges illustrate this truth.

Face of a black man overlaid on image of an older man praying in an empty sanctuary

Should We Repent of Our Grandparents’ Racism? Scripture on Intergenerational Sin

The recent murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd have left many Americans wondering how to respond to…

Painting of a woman kneeling in prayer at her bedside

Bowing in the Service of God

Bowing before God helps us grasp the limitations of our power and knowledge. This new understanding shapes us to serve God in his endeavors of justice and charity.

An elderly woman's hands

Pandemics in the Bible? What the Biblical Authors Might Think about Coronavirus

Instead of pointing to a single teaching about pandemics in the bible, or various skin dysfunctions, to figure out what the biblical authors would think about COVID-19, Dru Johnson considers two recurring principles across Scripture.

Recovering the Political Teachings of the Hebrew Bible

To understand politics in the Hebrew Bible, we should re-engage with the passages that provide, through law and narrative, not just a picture of personal piety, but also a blueprint and a wealth of resources for conceiving of our civic and national life.

Silhouette composed of clocks

Time in the Bible

“The biblical view of time is radically different from both ancient philosophical and modern scientific views. In the Bible, time is personal.”

Paintings of Jesus and Plato

Jesus the Philosopher

Jesus talked like a philosopher and acted like a philosopher—but he also claimed to be more than a philosopher.

Paul mosaic

How Paul’s Philosophical Convictions Challenge the Church

Dr. Ryan O’Dowd takes on Paul’s supposedly anti-philosophical rhetoric in 1 Corinthians, showing that “faith, hope, and love” are actually philosophical concepts for the church.