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Moral psychology in Proverbs

Fire, Soap, and Knives: The Book of Proverbs as a Means to Virtue

You have probably seen a version of this commercial. The first one I watched shows a man take a bite…

Part of the Purifying Ourselves: Moral Formation in the Bible series


The Therapeutic Use of Lamentations after Collective Trauma

Lamentations is a gift to soothe our personal griefs and secure our membership in a cloud of suffering witnesses to the faithfulness of God.

Moral psychology in the Bible

But Was Abraham Good? Ethical Complexity and Moral Reasoning in Genesis

We may take for granted that characters in the Book of Genesis, as in many stories, each manifest certain desires,…

Part of the Purifying Ourselves: Moral Formation in the Bible series

Worship in the Bible

Worship in the Bible Often Looks Strange. How Can It Inform Modern Worship?

How much of our worship is “biblical”? Is worship in the Bible even a good barometer for evaluating worship practices?

Zilpah and Bilhah—Biblical Matriarchs

We Should Regard These Two Overlooked Women as Biblical Matriarchs

The honorable Zilpah and Bilhah stand in the shadows of their mistresses Leah and Rachel and have been undeservedly unremembered.

1 John

Becoming Disciples: Moral Formation as Gift and Task

The gift of discipleship carries with it the task of actively and strenuously seeking to become the disciples God desires.

Part of the Purifying Ourselves: Moral Formation in the Bible series

Imprecatory Psalms

Answering War, Violence, and Evil with the Imprecatory Psalms

The recent invasion of Ukraine by order of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has confronted the world with heartbreaking images of…

The Book of Ruth

The Redemption of Naomi in the Book of Ruth

Leon Kass and Hannah MandelbaumReading Ruth: Birth, Redemption, and the Way of Israel Paul Dry Books, 2021. The making of…

A man shouting in anger

How the ‘Angry Psalms’ Fit within the Story of God and His People

The theological coherence and moral intelligibility of the imprecatory psalms is grounded in the story within which they prayerfully participate.

Image depicting biblical repentance

‘And God Saw Their Deeds’: Biblical Repentance in Action (and Less So in Feeling)

The modern tendency toward inwardness makes it more difficult to grasp the substance of biblical repentance, which does insist upon actions.

Part of the Repentance and Reconciliation in Scripture series