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Celina, Amy, Dru

Behind the Scenes: CHT Staff Tells All! (Dru, Amy, Celina)

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back—so this week, the Center for Hebraic Thought staff switched things up. Instead…

Stoic statue

The Biblical Authors vs. Greek Philosophy (Joseph Dodson)

Dr. Joseph Dodson joins Dru Johnson to discuss the interaction between the Greco-Roman philosophy and Scripture.

Slavery in the Old Testament

Understanding Slavery in the Old Testament—and Today (Myrto Theocharous)

Critics of Christianity, and even believers, point to the instances of slavery in the Old Testament as evidence of a…

Jesus' legs walking on water

How the Translation of ‘Faith’ in the Bible Falls Short (Matt Bates)

Dr. Matthew Bates talks to Dru Johnson about the concept of faith in the Bible. (Hint—”faith” isn’t just mental assent to a truth.)

Shepherd with sheep

You Mean Jesus Isn’t Literally a Vine? Metaphors in the Bible (Beth Stovell)

In this episode, Dr. Beth Stovell talks to Dr. Dru Johnson about the complex world of metaphors in the Bible.

Old Romanian Bible

American Christians’ Peculiar View of Inerrancy—and Other Oddities (Mike Bird)

Dr. Dru Johnson interviews Dr. Mike Bird about peculiarities of some American theology and the different meanings of biblical inerrancy.

Ancient Israelite Government

Ancient Israelite Government in Modern Republics (Kyle Swan)

In this episode, Dr. Kyle Swan talks with Dru Johnson about the similarities between ancient Israelite government and republican forms of government.

Priest holds up the body of Christ

Don’t Drop the Body of Christ (Janelle Peters)

Can we use Doritos for the body of Christ in communion? Janelle Peters discusses this ritual, head coverings, and Bible literacy.


Why We Should Still Keep the Sabbath (Mark Scarlata)

Dr. Mark Scarlata identifies the two mistakes Christians make about sabbath, and explains why sabbath rest is God’s gift.

Leon Kass

Reading Exodus: When Does a Multitude Become a People? (Leon Kass)

Dr. Leon Kass discusses his recent book, Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus. Reading Exodus should start with humility and curiosity.