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Why Is Leviticus so Hard to Read? (Jay Sklar)

Audio editing by John Viinalass.

A Bend in the Road for TBM and CHT, and Farewell Celina!

The Biblical Mind and the Center for Hebraic Thought are entering a new phase after ending a formal partnership with…

Matthew A. LaPine

’Fireside’ Chat: Distance between Seminaries and Churches (Matt LaPine)

Dru enjoys a more casual conversation with Matthew A. LaPine (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), pastor of theological development at…

Michael Rhodes podcast image

Is ‘Systemic Injustice’ Biblical? (Michael Rhodes)

Terms like “systemic sin” or “structural injustice” immediately make many people think of contemporary ideologies that they either strongly embrace…

A shepherd and an astronaut

Technology Isn’t a Neutral Tool (Jason Thacker)

From social media, to the printing press, to artificial intelligence, to the pencil, technologies have often been regarded as things…

A mouse hand touches fingers with a human hand

What the Image of God Is and Is Not (Carmen Imes)

You might have heard that being made in the image of God refers to human rationality, relationality, moral agency, or…

A soldier in battle

Understanding the Slaughter of the Canaanites in the Book of Joshua (Paul Hinlicky)

Herem warfare is the commandment to exterminate all survivors. The law of herem warfare appears in the Book of Joshua…

A dandelion with seeds blowing away

Is It Time to Quit ’Quiet Time’? Discussing Our View (Dru Johnson & Celina Durgin)

Instead of interviewing a guest, TBM host Dru Johnson and editor Celina Durgin discussed an article they co-wrote for Christianity…

A stained glass image of a woman with Jesus

Women in the Early Church (Nijay Gupta)

This episode was originally published by OnScript podcast. Thanks to the OnScript team for letting us share this episode with…