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Our Complicated History with Evil (episode 1)

Dr. Dru Johnson is back with us in Season Two of Discover Your Roots to unpack weighty questions about the…

Part of the New Podcast Series: The Problem of Good (and Evil) series

Coptic Christian

Moving from Egypt to the U.S. as a Coptic Christian (Mariam Wahba)

Dru interviews Mariam Wahba, a Coptic Christian born in Egypt who immigrated to the U.S. as a child. They discuss…

Children's Bibles

The Pitfalls of Children’s Bibles (Rachel Wilkowski)

“Why wasn’t I trained to read this way as a child?” —Rachel Wilkowski Over the last several decades, the Christian…

Israelites vs. Hebrews

Israelites vs. Hebrews vs. Jews . . . ? (Jason Staples)

What do we mean when we say that “Jesus was a Jew?” How do we understand the terms Israelites vs….

Christianity in Palestine

Growing Up Christian in the Gaza Strip (Khalil Sayegh)

In this week’s episode, Khalil Sayegh shares his experience as a Palestinian Christian. Though they share a people and a…

Book of Revelation

Revelation 101: Leaving Behind Left Behind (Jason Staples)

“This is a revelation of how things are, not so much how things have been.” -Jason Staples Modern Christians reading…

Cloud raining on a piggy bank

Would Moses Forgive Student Debt? (Michael Rhodes)

The Biden Administration’s recent student debt forgiveness act in the U.S. has sparked conversations—many of them heated—about the nature of…

A Jewish View of the Afterlife in the Hebrew Bible

A Jewish View of the Afterlife in the Hebrew Bible (Jeremiah Unterman)

For Christians accustomed to certain ideas of heaven and hell, other views of the afterlife in Scripture may seem strange….

Institutions in the Bible

Thinking Biblically about Institutions (Ari Lamm)

The Bible tells stories about individuals, families, and nations. But it also tells stories about institutions—the chosen and unchosen social…

The Bonhoeffer of Africa

The Bonhoeffer of Ethiopia (Abeneazer Urga)

Amid persecution from the Marxist state and a fragmented Ethiopian church, Gudina Tumsa became a figure who advocated a holistic…