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Jesus' Judaism

Why Jesus’ Judaism Matters (Jen Rosner)

Jen Rosner discusses the implications of Jesus’ Judaism for the church and for our understanding of the New Testament today. 

Daniel Silliman

Popular Christian Books and the Evangelical Imagination (Daniel Silliman)

Daniel Silliman, author of Reading Evangelicals, discusses how popular Christian books such as Left Behind have influenced evangelicalism.

Church mistruths

Overcoming Common ‘Mistruths’ We’ve Heard in Church (Brent Strawn)

Brent Strawn discusses how misconceptions have seeped their way into the church, affecting their views of Scripture, God, and their faith.

Context Matters

Narrative of Place: Why Historical and Geographical Context Matters (Cyndi Parker)

Join us this week as Cyndi Parker shares about maps, the Middle East, and why context matters for the student of Scripture.

Crown in rings

God Wears a Robe? Reading the Psalms as Poetry (Chip Hardy and Matt Mullins)

How does reading the psalms as poetry help us to understand them? Chip Hardy and Matt Mullins discuss psalm 93.

Proverbs 31 woman

Proverbs 31 Isn’t a Future-Wife Checklist (Dominick Hernandez)

Many Christians have extolled the “Proverbs 31 woman,” but that proverb must be read in context, or we might miss what it’s about.

Biblical Artist Series: Seeing Differently through Art (Steve Prince)

Steve Prince knew he wanted to be an artist since he was five years old. Art can be a powerful…

Part of the Biblical Artist Series series

Jewish rabbi studying Scripture

If Christians Read Scripture Like Jews Do, Continued (Ari Lamm)

Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm returns to continue discussing the fascinating and fruitful ways that Jews approach studying Scripture.

Ancient Jewish pilgrimage

Ancient Jewish Pilgrims, and the Friends They Made Along the Way (Jeffrey Garcia)

Dr. Jeffrey Garcia discusses the overlooked practice of ancient Jewish pilgrimage that forms some historical context of the biblical world.

Elderly man praying over his lunch

What Is the Point of Prayer? Does It Change God’s Mind? (John C. Peckham)

If God is sovereign, what is the point of prayer? John C. Peckham answers this and other questions about prayer in this episode.