Understanding the Deep Structures of Scripture

Jonathan Sacks

The Moral Legacy of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: A Voice of Hope in the Conversation of Mankind

The late Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks left a profound moral and intellectual legacy both in and beyond the Jewish community.

Part of the 6 Jewish Thinkers All Christians Should Know series

Lady Wisdom

The Portrait of a Lady (Wisdom): How to Find and Keep Up with a Complicated Woman

The portrayal of Lady Wisdom in Job and Ecclesiastes shows that in times of suffering, wisdom can be elusive.


Why We Should Still Keep the Sabbath (Mark Scarlata)

Dr. Mark Scarlata identifies the two mistakes Christians make about sabbath, and explains why sabbath rest is God’s gift.

Leon Kass

Reading Exodus: When Does a Multitude Become a People? (Leon Kass)

Dr. Leon Kass discusses his recent book, Founding God’s Nation: Reading Exodus. Reading Exodus should start with humility and curiosity.

Are You Bible-Literate?

Are You Bible-Literate?

Probably not.

Hebraic Roots of Modern Equality

Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) gave a talk at The King’s College on January 31st on our modern…