Leon Kass

Living with the Text: Leon Kass’s Model for Attentive Listening to the Bible

Leon Kass offers a model for reading Scripture that is rare among Christians. Here’s how to listen to the Bible like Kass does.

Part of the 6 Jewish Thinkers All Christians Should Know series

God Meets Us in Grief: Finding Hope in Ezekiel

It was in the middle of the week when I learned that Renee died. I remember how I felt as…

Gospel choir singing

On Whether There Is Sacred Music (Delvyn Case)

Why do we think of some music as sacred music and some music as secular? Delvyn Case discusses how Christians view music.

Painting of Elderly man reading by candlelight

How to Enjoy Reading the Bible (Matthew Mullins)

To enjoy the Bible, Dr. Matthew Mullins wants us to read the it the way we read other great works of literature.

4 Easy Ways to Misread the Bible

Now that you know how not to read the Bible, here’s how to read the Bible with a particular question…

How to Ask the Bible a Question

Follow these steps.