Cedars in Israel

Before Plato, Jotham Extolled the ‘Reluctant Ruler’

Centuries before Plato wrote that the best rulers are reluctant ones, Jotham in the book of Judges told a fable arguing the same.

Zoom church

How Pandemic ‘Zoom Church’ Revealed Long-Brewing Bible Illiteracy

Did Bible illiteracy help lead to the video church services we dislike so much? Though we’re grudgingly thankful for the…

Elderly man praying over his lunch

What Is the Point of Prayer? Does It Change God’s Mind? (John C. Peckham)

If God is sovereign, what is the point of prayer? John C. Peckham answers this and other questions about prayer in this episode.

Man walking through ruins

Can You Understand Scripture without Background Knowledge?

Amy Gabriel talks with Dru about the role of background knowledge in helping us understand Scripture—and whether it is necessary.

4 Easy Ways to Misread the Bible

Now that you know how not to read the Bible, here’s how to read the Bible with a particular question…

How to Ask the Bible a Question

Follow these steps.