Zilpah and Bilhah—Biblical Matriarchs

We Should Regard These Two Overlooked Women as Biblical Matriarchs

The honorable Zilpah and Bilhah stand in the shadows of their mistresses Leah and Rachel and have been undeservedly unremembered.

1 John

Becoming Disciples: Moral Formation as Gift and Task

The gift of discipleship carries with it the task of actively and strenuously seeking to become the disciples God desires.

Part of the Purifying Ourselves: Moral Formation in the Bible series

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Rituals in Leviticus

Rituals Teach: Why We Can’t Ignore Leviticus (Mark Scarlata)

If God teaches us through rituals, then we have a responsibility to examine these rituals. By studying them, asking questions,…

Hebraic Thought Course

Logos/Faithlife Video Course on Hebraic Thought

Learn how much the West owes the Hebraic tradition for its foundational principles in this 7-hour video course that the CHT created with Logos/Faithlife.