All Reward and Provision Come from God—Not the Meritocracy

Whenever a student comes into my office in tears, I know there’s a very good chance that the source of…

Part of the American Religion vs. the Bible series

Mental Health Challenges

Embodying the Kingdom While Facing Mental Health Challenges

In the book of Luke, the first thing we learn about the Kingdom is that it is good news. The…

Part of the Purifying Ourselves: Moral Formation in the Bible series

Trauma and the Church

Forming Trauma-Safe Churches (Scott Harrower and Joshua Cockayne)

We hear the word “trauma” a lot today—but what does it really mean? For Christians who have experienced horrific, overwhelming,…

Is there marriage in heaven?

Q&A Series: Is There Marriage in Heaven? (Dru Johnson)

From Genesis, marriage looks like it is one of the most important parts of creation. So, does Jesus really say…

Hebraic Thought Course

Logos/Faithlife Video Course on Hebraic Thought

Learn how much the West owes the Hebraic tradition for its foundational principles in this 7-hour video course that the CHT created with Logos/Faithlife.