Understanding the Deep Structures of Scripture


Statue of an ancient Roman woman

The Agency of Women in Ancient Rome

Women in ancient Rome who upheld modesty, chastity, and loyalty to family and Rome demonstrated their agency, despite cultural hierarchy.

Part of the A Gender Study: The Real Lives of Women and Men in the Bible series

Painting depicting the worship of the golden calf

What Is a Biblical Motif? The Levites as a Case Study

Motifs surrounding Levites and cultic servants influence readers’ understanding of their significance and relationship.

Matthew J. Lynch and his book

Understanding Violence in the Old Testament (and New Testament)—Matt Lynch

Instead of merely worrying about violence in the Old Testament, we could instead ask how Scripture is critiquing our use of violence.

Luke Bobo and his book

Biblical Literacy for Flourishing in Faith and Work (Luke Bobo)

Dr. Luke Bobo talks about interpreting Scripture, the intersection of faith and work, and the church’s role in the economic order.

Hebraic Roots of Modern Equality

Rabbi Dr. Joshua Berman (Bar-Ilan University, Israel) gave a talk at The King’s College on January 31st on our modern…

Six Big Political Ideas the Torah Gave the World

A video by Dr. Joshua Berman on the political — not just religious — contributions to the world by the…