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O Tempo na Bíblia

Deus criou o tempo? Queremos dizer sim. O raciocínio é simples: Deus criou tudo. O tempo é uma coisa. Portanto,…

The Pillar Seminary

Making Leaders Who Can Make Disciples (The Pillar Seminary)

Faculty from The PIllar Seminary discuss how Pillar’s unique approach to seminary and studying Scripture ultimately transforms students.

Jesus' Judaism

Why Jesus’ Judaism Matters (Jen Rosner)

Jen Rosner discusses the implications of Jesus’ Judaism for the church and for our understanding of the New Testament today. 

4 Easy Ways to Misread the Bible

Many of us have been guilty of misreading Scripture. To avoid misinterpretation, don’t read the Bible these four ways.

How to Ask the Bible a Question

Follow these steps.