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Lady Wisdom

The Portrait of a Lady (Wisdom): How to Find and Keep Up with a Complicated Woman

The portrayal of Lady Wisdom in Job and Ecclesiastes shows that in times of suffering, wisdom can be elusive.


Yoram Hazony: How the Bible Bridges the Reason–Revelation Divide

Yoram Hazony interprets the Bible as a divinely revealed book of reason, making it deeply relevant to understanding the human condition.

Part of the 6 Jewish Thinkers All Christians Should Know series


#Blessed: What Is a Blessing in Scripture, Actually?

Think you’re #blessed? In the Bible, blessings can be given from God to man, from man to God, and from man to man.

Ruins of the ancient Jewish synagogue at Capernaum

What We Can Learn from Women’s Roles in Ancient Synagogues

Women’s roles in first-century synagogues paint a complex picture of their authority and participation in ancient religious spaces.

Part of the A Gender Study: The Real Lives of Women and Men in the Bible series

Biblical Story

Painting the Biblical Story

Dr. Beldman’s student Ingrid Bouma produced a series of eleven original paintings that together tell the biblical story.

Part of the Biblical Artist Series series

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Rescuing Eagles and Baby-Eating Dragons: An Apocalyptic Christmas Story

An apocalyptic thread is woven throughout all of salvation history, even through the Christmas story.

Painting of a veiled Tamar

Conflitos Familiares e a Restauração do Cosmo III: Uma Estrangeira Detém o Cetro do Rei

Violência encheu a terra e Deus apertou o botão de reiniciar. A estratégia de Deus para restaurar esse cosmo em…

Painting of a veiled Tamar

Family Conflicts and the Restoration of the Cosmos, Part III: The Lion of Judah, or the Kid of Tamar?

In Genesis 37–50, the image of kingly humility and servanthood is not the lion of Judah, but a foreign widow.

Part of the Family Conflicts and the Restoration of the Cosmos series

Sisera's mother

For All Have Sinned: Learning from Bad Women in the Bible

Alongside the bad men, there were bad women in the Bible who engaged their social and political powers to disobey God.

Part of the A Gender Study: The Real Lives of Women and Men in the Bible series