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Top 10 Most-Read TBM Articles of 2021

The most popular articles in The Biblical Mind addressed hefty topics, including gender in Scripture, laws on rape and slavery,…

Work and Worship

The Psalms Give a Voice to Workers Laboring in a Fallen World

The psalms not only describe, but they also demand a two-way dialogue between work and worship—between the street and the sanctuary.


Matt Chandler Used ‘Deconstruction’ in a Way I Don’t Like—and That’s OK

Debating the meaning of faith “deconstruction” distracts from the substantive issues facing the church.


Jesus Was Probably Born in a Relative’s House, Not an Inn

The Christ child was not born in a stable alone with the animals but in a small house crowded with people—the kinds of people he came to save.

Law in the New Testament

Jesus’ Concept of the Law in the New Testament

Editor’s note: Some language in this article was revised on 10/28/21 to address concerns that the original version (published 10/20/21)…

Instagram selfie representing Expressive Individualism

Expressive Individualism: Our Twenty-First Century American Ba’al

Expressive Individualism is perhaps the reigning secular ideology in the U.S. today. Scripture can help us avoid falling prey to it.

Part of the American Religion vs. the Bible series

Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Ecclesiastes Illuminates the Secret of Joy in a Dark World

Ecclesiastes delivers a message of joy into our lives in a world storm-tossed by vanities.

Wisdom of Proverbs

Work, Reward, and the Wisdom of Proverbs in a Complicated World

The wisdom of Proverbs doesn’t lie in each isolated assertion and observation, but in the complex relations among them.

Hebraic thought in modern psychology

Modern Psychology Was Built on Greek Ideas—but It Needs Hebraic Ones

An interview with psychologist Dr. Kalman Kaplan

Moses holding the tablets

Which Ten? How We Number the Ten Commandments Matters

There are at least three places in the Ten Commandments where punctuation needs to be clarified with important implications for interpretation.