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The Meaning of ‘Gentiles,’ Part 2: The Jew-Gentile Relationship in the New Testament

Read part 1, “Tracing the Meaning of ‘Gentiles’ in the Bible,“ here. Are we actually all equal in God’s eyes?…

Gentiles in the Bible

Tracing the Meaning of ‘Gentiles’ in the Bible, Part 1

It’s never fun to find yourself in the out-group. Something about the way humans organize themselves almost seems to require…

The Church and Biblical Law

Will the Church Ever Understand Biblical Law?

This article was originally published by the Theopolis Institute on April 21, 2022. This slightly modified version has been republished…


When the Beatitudes Aren’t Meant for You: Learning from Impoverished Nicaraguans and a Faithful Centurion

When I was 23 years old, through circumstances that still seem like some strange set of miracles or angel-nudges, I…

Black American slaves preaching and listening to Scripture

Black American Slaves Understood the Bible Better Than White Americans Did. Why?

Abraham Lincoln famously lamented in his Second Inaugural Address that folks in the Confederacy and Union “read the same Bible.”…

Sukkot and Exile

Learning Empathy through Exile

Editor’s note: This year, the Jewish festival of Sukkot runs October 9–16. This article explores the significance of this holiday…

Embodied worship

All Worship Is Shared in the Body of Christ: The Limitations and Uses of Online Services

The pandemic changed our relationship with worship dramatically. At the beginning of 2020, many of us had never heard of…

Part of the Embodying Biblical Rituals in a Digital Age series

Church Search

The Torah Can Guide Your Search for a Healthy Church

‘This feels like when my parents announced they were getting divorced after I graduated high school. I wondered how much…

Virtual Communion

Why Gather? Virtual Technology and the Lord’s Supper

On a recent visit with friends in Scotland, I noticed how the Scots described the last two years as “the…

Part of the Embodying Biblical Rituals in a Digital Age series

Become Like God?

Is It Good or Bad to Become Like God?

Many Christians aspire to be “like God” in certain respects—to be loving, just, merciful, wise—and indeed, this might even be…