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A woman cries with her daughter sitting at her feet

Some Limits of Empathy: Insights from Hebraic Thought and Neuroscience

To understand empathy’s limits, let’s turn to ancient Hebraic insights about empathy, which receive support from modern neuroscience.

Adam and Eve, and Jesus and his disciples

Is Christianity about Following Rules, or Is It about Having a Relationship with God? Yes

Some people think Christianity isn’t about following rules, but about having a personal relationship with God. This belief betrays deep confusion.

Part of the False Dichotomies in the Church series

Depiction of Queen Esther

The Story of Esther as Redemptive Humor in the Bible: When God Lets Us in on the Joke of Empire

Yes, there is humor in the Bible. In the riotous comedy of the Book of Esther, God lets us in on the joke of empire.


Does Leviticus Permit the Abuse of Slaves? Examining an Ancient Israelite Slave Law

Robb Coleman dissects a tricky passage in Leviticus concerning the treatment of foreign slaves in ancient Israelite slave law.

Arc of the Covenant vs. Jesus on the cross

Old Covenant vs. New Covenant? A Better Way to Understand God’s Promises

Hearing of the “new” covenant, it’s easy to imagine it as set against an “old” covenant. But we need to look closer.

Part of the False Dichotomies in the Church series

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel Still Brings Jews and Christians Together

In her book club, Amanda Achtman saw why Jews and Christians have much to learn from the enduring legacy of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

Part of the 6 Jewish Thinkers All Christians Should Know series

Rejoicing after parting of the Red Sea

How and Why Should We Rejoice in 2021? Understanding Joy in the Bible

How can we obey commands to have joy in the Bible? Consider the Festival of Booths to understand what joy means and how we can experience it.

Leon Kass

Living with the Text: Leon Kass’s Model for Attentive Listening to the Bible

Leon Kass offers a model for reading Scripture that is rare among Christians. Here’s how to listen to the Bible like Kass does.

Part of the 6 Jewish Thinkers All Christians Should Know series

God Meets Us in Grief: Finding Hope in Ezekiel

It was in the middle of the week when I learned that Renee died. I remember how I felt as…

Image of Moses with the stone tablets and of Jesus and Peter walking on water

Knowing Jesus Means Knowing the Old Testament—and Rejecting ‘Functional Marcionism’

This essay addresses the false dichotomy in the church of “Old Testament vs. New Testament.”

Part of the False Dichotomies in the Church series