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Dr. Eric Smith

Genesis as Rationality in the Ancient Near East

Dru talks with Eric about how Hebrews reasoned through concepts in light of the ancient Near East.

Robert Nicholson

From Christian-Hater to CHT Co-Founder—Changed by Reading the Bible

How does the intellectual world of the Bible connect to modern-day issues for the Middle East and Christianity in the…

Dr. Shira Weiss

Ethical Ambiguity, Biblical Vigilantes, and Dr. Shira Weiss (CHT Fellow)

Scripture is full of stories of people who commit morally suspect acts. While sometimes they are explicitly rebuked, often the…

Dr. Joshua Berman

Introducing Dr. Joshua Berman (CHT Fellow)

In this episode, Dr. Berman describes what the intellectual world of the Bible looks like to him.

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Yoram Hazony: “An Individualist Approach To The Hebrew Bible” (NPR)

Yoram Hazony opens the “bottle” of the Hebrew Bible and reads the message inside: there is hope for human political affairs, and the Scriptures are an epic that advocate wariness of great imperial powers and individualism in the face of authority.

Dr. Yoram Hazony

Yoram Hazony on the Bible as Philosophy

In the modern West, our political discussions, universities, and even our churches, fail to address something that Dr. Yoram Hazony…

the Western Wall and the Parthenon

FAQ: Do We Think Like the Ancient Hebrews Did?

Did ancient Israelites think like we do today? Did they have abstract thoughts? If they don’t, then can we understand anything the biblical authors said? Dr. Dru Johnson discusses reasons to trust that we do think similarly to the biblical authors.

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FAQ: What Is Hebraic Thought?

“Hebraic thought is more than just religion—it’s a fully-formed cultural tradition. It includes that rich collection of ideas, concepts, stories, and values that emerge from the world of ancient Israel.”

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FAQ: What About the New Testament?

Abby Smith and Dr. Dru Johnson discuss what “Hebraic thought” has to do with the New Testament and whether we need the Old Testament in order to understand the New.

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FAQ: Why “Hebraic” and not “Jewish Thought”?

Dru Johnson talks about the difference between Hebraic and Jewish Thought.