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A Jewish View of the Afterlife in the Hebrew Bible

A Jewish View of the Afterlife in the Hebrew Bible (Jeremiah Unterman)

For Christians accustomed to certain ideas of heaven and hell, other views of the afterlife in Scripture may seem strange….

Institutions in the Bible

Thinking Biblically about Institutions (Ari Lamm)

The Bible tells stories about individuals, families, and nations. But it also tells stories about institutions—the chosen and unchosen social…

The Bonhoeffer of Africa

The Bonhoeffer of Ethiopia (Abeneazer Urga)

Amid persecution from the Marxist state and a fragmented Ethiopian church, Gudina Tumsa became a figure who advocated a holistic…

Celebrities for Jesus

The Dangers of Celebrity in the Church (Katelyn Beaty)

We live in a fame-saturated culture. Celebrity figures run our largest corporations, media entities, and megachurches. But the characteristics of…

Trauma and the Church

Forming Trauma-Safe Churches (Scott Harrower and Joshua Cockayne)

We hear the word “trauma” a lot today—but what does it really mean? For Christians who have experienced horrific, overwhelming,…

Repentance and Reconciliation

Repentance in Deed and Word (Shalom Carmy)

We all desire repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation. But these concepts are complicated, and seeing them from a Jewish perspective on…

Is there marriage in heaven?

Q&A Series: Is There Marriage in Heaven? (Dru Johnson)

From Genesis, marriage looks like it is one of the most important parts of creation. So, does Jesus really say…

Discussing the New CHT Book on Gender in the Bible (Feat. 3 of the Contributors)

Carmen Imes, Nijay Gupta, and Cynthia Shafer-Elliott discuss their contributions to The Biblical World of Gender.

A man carrying a briefcase walking through a door toward the light

Does Anyone Actually ‘Go to Heaven’—and Does It Matter? (J. Richard Middleton)

What happens to you when you die? Many Christians picture eternal life as spending time in an ethereal heaven with…

Early Church

How the Early Church Engaged with Scripture (Brian J. Wright)

Brian J. Wright explores ancient reading habits and the early church’s Bible engagement. Here’s what the modern church can learn.