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Beyond Bible Study: From Consumers to Participants (Caroline Smiley and Kyle Worley)

To find your place in the story of Scripture, you have to understand the story and then how the story…

Communion cup depicting sacred ritual

What Do Rituals ‘Do,’ and What Makes a Ritual Sacred? (Ben Noonan)

Rituals aren’t mechanistic activities with immediate results. In Scripture, sacred rituals gradually shape people for particular purposes.

Two people falling, depicting religious doubt

The True Causes and Purposes of Religious Doubt (Matthew LaPine)

Matthew LaPine describes how he guides others through their doubts, which often stem from struggles with mental health and other life crises.

Traveler through sand dunes, world travel concept

Love Your Enemies Better through Knowing the Biblical Land (Danielle Parish)

To understand biblical texts—including how to love your enemies—we should learn something about the places in which the events they describe occurred.

A deconstructed face

You Are Not Your Own—Thank God (Alan Noble)

One of the most countercultural sentences comes from the Heidelberg Catechism: our only comfort in life and death is that…

African hermeneutics

The Church Needs African Hermeneutics (Liz Mburu)

Where you are situated in time and space affects how you interpret the world. This cultural, geographical, and historical consciousness…

God's Law and Order

The Politics of Punishment in Evangelical America (Aaron Griffith)

In the latter half of 20th century, the evangelical community’s developing attitudes toward crime and punishment overlapped with the increasingly…

Rachael Denhollander

What Does Reconciliation Mean for Sexual Abuse Survivors? (Rachael and Jacob Denhollander)

This week, Rachael and Jacob Denhollander joined the podcast to discuss what reconciliation and restoration can look like following horrific…

Part of the Repentance and Reconciliation in Scripture series

Nahum and Reconciliation

Extreme Violence, Nahum, and Reconciliation in the Congo (Jacob Onyumbe Wenyi)

Dr. Onyumbe Wenyi explains how the violence in the book of Nahum connects directly to the experiences of people in the Congo.

Part of the Repentance and Reconciliation in Scripture series


What Biblical Racial Reconciliation Actually Looks Like (Anthony Bradley)

Reconciliation in practice involves local communities acknowledging the wrongs of their particular pasts and figuring out how to move forward—…

Part of the Repentance and Reconciliation in Scripture series