When No One Reads Books Anymore (Byron Borger)

AI Generated Takeaways —The decline in reading and literacy rates…

Will AI Take Over the World? (Adam Graber)

The two Christianity Today articles that Adam mentions in this…

Tarot cards

‘God, I Need a Sign!’ What the Bible Says about Asking God for Signs

When I was a college student, I was obsessed with figuring out the God’s will for my life. Along with…

Sheep, spice jars, and coins in an offering plate

What Does the Bible Say about Tithing?

Many churches speak of a “tithe,” literally a tenth, latching onto biblical language to support their calls for financial contributions….

Scripture, Sexuality, and Podcasting (Preston Sprinkle)

In the first half of this episode, Dru Johnson talks with Preston Sprinkle about his journeys into the LGBTQ+ communities,…

Why We Need the Global Church (Stephen T. Pardue)

In this episode, we discuss Stephen T. Pardue’s newest book Why Evangelical Theology Needs the Global Church. Edited by John…

Hebraic Thought Course

Logos/Faithlife Video Course on Hebraic Thought

Learn how much the West owes the Hebraic tradition for its foundational principles in this 7-hour video course that the CHT created with Logos/Faithlife.

The Bible and Fake News (3 Parts)

The Bible and Fake News, Part 1 The Bible and Fake News, Part 2: The Biblical Idea of Truth The…