Most Popular Articles and Podcast Episodes of 2022

The Biblical Mind’s top articles of 2022 explored biblical motifs and metaphors, the modern concerns of race and individualism, and high-level…


The Meaning of ‘Gentiles,’ Part 2: The Jew-Gentile Relationship in the New Testament

Read part 1, “Tracing the Meaning of ‘Gentiles’ in the Bible,“ here. Are we actually all equal in God’s eyes?…

Charles Madinger discusses the concept of orality—the multifaceted way in which people were created to communicate.

The Unwritten Word: Learning from High Orality-Reliant Cultures (Charles Madinger)

Western culture relies extensively on written text to communicate. But the majority of people across the world rely far less…

Armenia—the first Christian nation?

The First Christian Nation? Keeping Up with the Armenians (Heather Ohaneson)

Despite the rich history of Armenia as an ancient Christian community, many Christians know very little about the Armenian ethnicity,…

Hebraic Thought Course

Logos/Faithlife Video Course on Hebraic Thought

Learn how much the West owes the Hebraic tradition for its foundational principles in this 7-hour video course that the CHT created with Logos/Faithlife.

The Bible and Fake News (3 Parts)

The Bible and Fake News, Part 1 The Bible and Fake News, Part 2: The Biblical Idea of Truth The…