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Orality and the Cycle of Revelation: How God and His Image-Bearers Communicate

The world of biblical and mission study realized long ago that the Scriptures were more than a text. The Scriptures…

Sabbath and the feasts

The Sabbath as a Key to Understanding Biblical Law, Part 2

Read part 1, on the ethical purposes of Sabbath. The Sabbath was originally instituted as a sign and a condensed…

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Trusting Reality: ‘Longing to Know’ Turns 20 (Esther Meek)

“Knowing is an activity that all of us are involved in, all of the time,” writes Dr. Esther Meek in…

Old Testament Violence

Old—and New—Testament Violence and the Shalom of God (Matthew J. Lynch)

Readers of the Book of Joshua (and many other parts of the Bible) are inevitably confronted with the problem of…

Hebraic Thought Course

Logos/Faithlife Video Course on Hebraic Thought

Learn how much the West owes the Hebraic tradition for its foundational principles in this 7-hour video course that the CHT created with Logos/Faithlife.

The Bible and Fake News (3 Parts)

The Bible and Fake News, Part 1 The Bible and Fake News, Part 2: The Biblical Idea of Truth The…