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Kat Armstrong

Paying Attention to the People, Places, and Things in the Bible (Kat Armstrong)

Christians know that we should read the Bible. But often, the “should” eclipses the “why”—the fact that Scripture presents a…

Near East

There Is No West without the Near East (Robert Nicholson)

The Near East carries a strange set of connotations in the modern West. On the one hand, it is the…

Ryan ODowd

What If We Took God’s Instruction Seriously? (Ryan O’Dowd)

Is it biblical to “follow your passion”? How do you know if the law is written on your heart? In…

Untrustworthy: The Knowledge Crisis

The Knowledge Crisis and Misinformation in Biblical Perspective (Bonnie Kristian)

Constant cries of “fake news” and misinformation point to a central issue in our culture: we have far too much…

Voices from the Margins

Wisdom of Primal Peoples in the Era of World Christianity (Jangkholam Haokip)

Dr. Jangkholam Haokip, an Indian theologian, drew on his experiences with indigenous to develop a unique perspective on Christian theology.

Our Complicated History with Evil (episode 1)

Dr. Dru Johnson is back with us in Season Two of Discover Your Roots to unpack weighty questions about the…

Part of the New Podcast Series: The Problem of Good (and Evil) series

Coptic Christian

Moving from Egypt to the U.S. as a Coptic Christian (Mariam Wahba)

Dru interviews Mariam Wahba, a Coptic Christian born in Egypt who immigrated to the U.S. as a child. They discuss…

Children's Bibles

The Pitfalls of Children’s Bibles (Rachel Wilkowski)

“Why wasn’t I trained to read this way as a child?” —Rachel Wilkowski Over the last several decades, the Christian…

Israelites vs. Hebrews

Israelites vs. Hebrews vs. Jews . . . ? (Jason Staples)

What do we mean when we say that “Jesus was a Jew?” How do we understand the terms Israelites vs….

Christianity in Palestine

Growing Up Christian in the Gaza Strip (Khalil Sayegh)

In this week’s episode, Khalil Sayegh shares his experience as a Palestinian Christian. Though they share a people and a…