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Painting of Joseph in Egypt

Instead of Fearing Loss of Political Power, Christians Should Consider the Daniel Option

Evangelicals clinging to political power—even if from good motivations—should consider the stories of Joseph and Daniel.

St. Jerome and the angel painting

How a Literary Bible Translation Transformed My View of Scripture

As a composer of sacred music, I rely on the biblical text just as deeply as a scholar or a…

Painting depicting the worship of the golden calf

What Is a Biblical Motif? The Levites as a Case Study

Motifs surrounding Levites and cultic servants influence readers’ understanding of their significance and relationship.

Painting of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

The Roots of Violence: Male Violence against Women in Genesis

Male violence against women in Genesis belongs within the broader narrative portrait of humanity’s violence and rebellion against God.

Part of the A Gender Study: The Real Lives of Women and Men in the Bible series

Passover seder plate with wine and matza

A Wrinkle in Time? Mental Time Travel and Memory in the Bible

How will the people remain faithful to the covenant without Moses? For Deuteronomy, the answer is memory.

Esau selling Jacob his birthright

Achilles’ Heel and Jacob the Heel-Grabber: Wrestling with Weakness, Fate, and the Mysterious Divine

Achilles’ heel and Jacob’s heel are both points of weakness, but while Achilles’ weakness gets him killed, Jacob’s weakness saves him.

Ancient statue of a woman baking bread

The Importance of Bread: The Bible, Archaeology, and Women’s Power in Ancient Israel

Despite a common assumption, Israelite women were not dominated by men throughout ancient Israelite society.

Part of the A Gender Study: The Real Lives of Women and Men in the Bible series

The Biblical Mind: Elevating Biblical Thinking

The Biblical Mind is a magazine meant to investigate and re-orient readers to the thinking of the biblical authors apparent in their texts.

Jael and Sisera

The Rational Poet:
 Appealing to the Heart and the Mind in the Book of Judges

The Song of Deborah in the book of Judges demonstrates that Hebrew poetry is an appeal to reason just as much as it is an appeal to emotion.

Busts of philosophers, focused on Aristotle

Is Aristotle’s Ethics Hebraic? A Comparison of Greek and Hebrew Ethics

Though most of the “virtues” in the Bible would have found little welcome in Aristotle’s world of Athens, some of the Bible—its Hebraic tradition especially—contains moral concepts that, in form, can be considered Aristotelian.